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Courses (to be completed)

  • Christopher Bishop
    (Microsoft Research Cambridge) [introductory]
    Introduction to the Key Concepts and Techniques of Machine Learning

    Aaron Courville
    (University of Montréal) [introductory/intermediate]
    Deep Generative Models

    Issam El Naqa
    (University of Michigan) [introductory/intermediate]
    Deep Learning for Biomedicine

    Sergei V. Gleyzer
    (University of Florida) [introductory/intermediate]
    Feature Extraction, End-end Deep Learning and Applications to Very Large Scientific Data: Rare Signal Extraction, Uncertainty Estimation and Realtime Machine Learning Applications in Software and Hardware

    Qiang Ji
    (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) [introductory/intermediate]
    Probabilistic Deep Learning and Its Applications for Computer Vision

    Tomas Mikolov
    (Facebook) [introductory]
    Using Neural Networks for Modeling and Representing Natural Languages (with Armand Joulin)

    Hermann Ney
    (RWTH Aachen University) [intermediate/advanced]
    Speech Recognition and Machine Translation: From Statistical Decision Theory to Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks

    Navraj Pannu
    (GoDaddy) [introductory/intermediate]
    Deep Learning and Maximum Likelihood in Structural Biology

    Jose C. Principe
    (University of Florida) [intermediate/advanced]
    Cognitive Architectures for Object Recognition in Video

    Fabio Roli
    (University of Cagliari) [introductory/intermediate]
    Adversarial Machine Learning

    Björn Schuller
    (Imperial College London) [introductory/intermediate]
    Deep Learning for Intelligent Signal Processing

    Alex Smola
    (Amazon) []

    Sargur Srihari
    (University at Buffalo) [intermediate/advanced]
    Explainable Artificial Intelligence

    Ponnuthurai N Suganthan
    (Nanyang Technological University) [introductory/intermediate]
    Learning Algorithms for Classification, Forecasting and Visual Tracking

    Johan Suykens
    (KU Leuven) [introductory/intermediate]
    Deep Learning, Neural Networks and Kernel Machines

    Alexey Svyatkovskiy
    (Princeton University) [introductory/intermediate]
    From Natural Language Processing to Machine Learning on Source Code

    Bertrand Thirion
    (INRIA) [introductory]
    Understanding the Brain with Machine Learning

    Gaël Varoquaux
    (INRIA) [intermediate]
    Representation Learning in Limited Data Settings

    René Vidal
    (Johns Hopkins University) [intermediate/advanced]
    Mathematics of Deep Learning

    Haixun Wang
    (WeWork) [intermediate]
    Abstractions, Concepts, and Machine Learning